CPE for notaries - the regulations

A full copy of the regulations can be viewed here:

In summary they require every notary to achieve 6 hours or points of CPE during every training year of 1 November to 31 October.
3 or more points must be from attending accredited courses or other accredited training schemes, and the other unaccredited points can be of your choice.

Non-accredited points

Here are a few options
  • reading of notary articles. See our articles page under the information button at the top. We have prepared non-acredited points record form for you to use. Download it here.
  • solicitors who are participating in CPD points could claim those as non-accredited points, if the material contributes to the professional knowledge of a notary.
  • watching, reading or listening to relevant materials produced by a legal education provider.
  • acting as a supervisor to a newly admitted notary.
  • Reading ‘The Notary’. See below
  • Reading a section of Brooke’s Notary, or other text relevant to notarial work

Special CPE for conveyancing and probate

Notaries that carry out conveyancing or probate activities as part of their notarial practice have to obtain 6 additional CPE points for each of the two areas in which they practise. Again this is at least 3 points of accredited courses in each area. However this is courses accredited by the Faculty Office, not the SRA. You can apply to the Faculty Office to have a course which you wish to attend accredited for the purposes of CPE (Regulation 11(2)).

Reading ‘The Notary’

This is an extract from an email from the Faculty Office to a notary posted on the Notarytalk website:

"I can confirm that reading 'The Notary' can qualify under the sixth category
set out in Schedule 1 to the Regulations. I also confirm that only the time
spent on considering matters relating to notarial practice itself can

Stephen Borton
Chief Clerk
Faculty Office"

Consequently it is necessary to record the time spent in reading ‘The Notary’ to accurately complete your return in November.

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CPE report form

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