Distance Learning Courses

Accredited by the Faculty Office
with 3 CPE points

Course fees: £95

Our distance-learning course 'Preparing notarial certificates using information from Companies House' is accredited with 3 cpe points and will be available until mid-October.

We expect out new course for 2019, 'An overview of record-keeping, anti-money laundering and data protection rules for notaries' to be available towards the end of this year and will incorporate any new rules and amendments to the Code of Practice introduced by the Faculty Office during this year.

Get ahead and achieve one half of the required 6 points with our distance learning course. We currently have one course available which has been accredited by the Faculty Office until 31 October 2018 and with 3 cpe points.

This course revolves around the legal and practical matters of ‘Preparing notarial certificates using information from Companies House. There are a number of practical exercises.

The course give some background information and then a number of scenarios are described and you are set a number of questions and research tasks. Your challenge is to research and consider these questions and then to provide a written answer for each topic. (Memories of being a trainee solicitor or articled clerk may now be popping into your head).

The course is designed to be completed in 3 hours and can be prepared either in a single session or several sessions such as three or four lunchtimes.

Stage 1: Book the course (see below) using our booking form (cheque and post) or online and pay with a credit card or Paypal

Stage 2: Once we receive your booking and course fee (£90) we will send you the course questions & instructions by post

Stage 3: Send us your answers within four weeks of receiving the course questions either by post or email to admin@notarytraining.co.uk

Stage 4: Within four weeks of receiving your answers we will consider them and provide feedback in the form of a standard set of guidance notes. Substantially correct answers which demonstrate adequate preparation time will merit 3 CPE points and we will post your CPE Certificate to you, again within the same four week period.

Reading the guidance notes is part of the course to achieve maximum benefit from the exercise.

If you have any queries about this course please feel free to contact us at any stage at anne@notarytraining.co.uk If you would prefer to have a chat by phone, please request this by email and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

Distance learning G - new

This course revolves around the legal and practical matters of ‘Preparing notarial certificates using information from Companies House’. It looks at what information is available at Companies House and discusses what can be relied upon and what cannot be relied upon. There are several examples of certificates and how small facts can cause them to differ. Finally you are asked to complete three tasks as a practical exercise. The course is designed to give confidence to notaries with little experience of company law and those with experience of company law will find them an interesting challenge.
It will be accredited by the Faculty Office with 3 CPE points.